Scripture Short Course

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Is “novelty” starting to get old? Do you feel rootless or exhausted because of our society’s focus on “the next best thing”? The early followers of Jesus loved the new, but they deeply appreciated the old. According to Luke’s Gospel, the first thing the risen Jesus did for his disciples was to open their minds to understand the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms. In Israel’s Scriptures, the Church discovers its story. These ancient writings not only offer the key to comprehending Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, they also shape his followers’ understanding of their identity and mission as those caught up in the narrative of God’s gracious dealings with Israel and called to participate in God’s reconciling work among all nations. Join NT professor Ross Wagner (Duke Divinity School) and CCS Director Edward Dixon for a five-week study of the ways the New Testament authors teach us to find in Scripture the overarching story that gives shape and meaning to our lives as Christians.