Reading Groups and Short Courses

Spring 2018

Peer pressure, the Duke degree, parental expectations…Are you trying to figure out what you are going to do with your life or what you are going to be, but feel like there are many competing voices? How do you discern the  the right program of study and  the best career preparation experiences? This course will offer a  Christian view of work and vocational calling.  We will explore God’s design of work for humanity and the dignity He ascribes to it for us and for creation. . We will also look at the problems and dangers of work and working in a fallen world and  explore ways to integrate Christian faith and work through both the creative and redemptive aspects of the gospel.

Open to Duke students and faculty. Click HERE to register.
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Is “novelty” starting to get old? Do you feel rootless or exhausted because of our society’s focus on “the next best thing”? The early followers of Jesus loved the new, but they deeply appreciated the old. According to Luke’s Gospel, the first thing the risen Jesus did for his disciples was to open their minds to understand the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms. In Israel’s Scriptures, the Church discovers its story. These ancient writings not only offer the key to comprehending Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, they also shape his followers’ understanding of their identity and mission as those caught up in the narrative of God’s gracious dealings with Israel and called to participate in God’s reconciling work among all nations. Join NT professor Ross Wagner (Duke Divinity School) and CCS Director Edward Dixon for a five-week study of the ways the New Testament authors teach us to find in Scripture the overarching story that gives shape and meaning to our lives as Christians.

Open to Duke students and faculty. Click HERE to register.
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First Things Reading Group @ Duke

Time: The second Friday of each month, 12pm – 1pm
Location: Duke University, Bostock Library, Room 039

Members of the Duke community are invited to join us on the first Friday each month for a lunchtime discussion of First Things, an ecumenical, Christian magazine that offers a religiously informed analysis of culture, society, theology, and religious liberty. Each month, the group will discuss one or more articles from the magazine, which will be decided upon by the group’s facilitator. Click here to order a yearly subscription to First Things – print, app, and web subscriptions are available. Student rates apply – students should click here to learn more or email Edward at the email address below. Print copies are also available – for in-library use only – in the periodical section of the Duke Divinity School Library.

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Previous Semesters’ short courses have included “Life Worth Living” and “Technology: From Genesis to (Steve) Jobs”  Visit the Resources page for more information.